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Trade-Oriented Cross-Reference Dictionary for Engineers and Architects - 205 Special Subjects


48,00 €


2002, 494 Pages, DIN A5, bounded,

ISBN 978-3-8007-2592-2

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In cooperation with Engineers and Architects, a practice-oriented, clear and unambiguous dictionary provides the latest state-of-the-art techniques and methods for today's engineers and architects. This trade-oriented dictionary comprises 205 special subjects with more than 22.800 special terms not available for public domain. The dictionary also provides cross- references underneath alphabetically sequenced special subjects allowing even the unskilled to grasp the technical correlation. This book, clearly more than a dictionary, is a very useful tool and novelty for the trade.

The Author:

Stefanie A. Schickentanz, a German citizen, holds certificates from the University of Cambridge and the University of Maryland. She is a translator, real-time interpreter and foreign correspondent. By working with both the German and US Engineers in Germany, her insight into the specific language problems concerning structural and architectural designs prompted her developing this dictionary. Some of the companies include Germany's Salzgitter Industriebau GmbH, Kloeckner-Humboldt Deutz Chemieanlagenbau AG, Ford Motor Company, John Deere & Company, as well as the German State Construction Authority; US interests include US Corps of Engineers and US Directorate of Engineering and Housing.

This technical language dictionary and reference guide is prepared for those in engineering and construction fields as well as those specializing in administration, bidding and specifications. It is also highly recommended as a basic technical language orientation guide for universities, professional colleges, academies and technology and business schools. The book can also be utilized as a technical prerequisite for use in science, industry, commerce and trade, and is the specialized translator's daily quick reference guide.